Inno-Ben (Innovative Benefit Solutions) is your solution for attracting, retaining and motivating your employees. In today’s demanding and ever-changing business environment, attracting, retaining, motivating employees is crucial for business survival. The current economic downturn has produced a newreality in today’s business environment.

Employees are beginning to look for change, even if that change does not result in higher wages! In May 2010, and again in September – December 2010, more employees “voluntarily” left their employers than were forced to leave! …

The reason? They were looking for change! What kind of change?A feeling of being appreciated for their hard work and dedication through these tough economic times!

The most admired companies (Fortune Magazine, March 21, 2011) realize this new fact of life. Companies such as Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, IBM and General Electric … understand that a key component to being successful in today’s market place is attracting the best employees, retaining them,¬†and finding new and innovative ways of motivating them … and doing it without breaking the bank!

Inno-Ben is¬†pioneering in the area of supplemental benefits with creative and innovative products that address the critical ARM (Attracting, Retaining, Motivating). Contact Inno-Ben today to learn how your business can create an effective ARM strategy to make your company survive and prosper in today’s challenging global business environment!

Contact us for ongoing updates to our packages – including: group benefits, voluntary benefits and employee incentives.

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